American road trip 2011 D10 Grand Canyon

Just a quick explanation: in the summer of 2011, my parents decided to take all six of us (four children between 22 and 16 and two parents) on a roadtrip through -mostly- the West Coast of the USA. This was written as a diary at the time, so keep in mind that this was written by a 22-year-old who was blogging to keep family and friends updated on our whereabouts. Enjoy! – Camille

The most impressive thing I personally did and saw today was the 
helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. This has nothing to do with the 
fact that I was seated next to the pilote (or if it does, it doesn't have 
that much to do with it), it's just so incredibly beautiful that it almost 
made sure I had no words to describe it. Or if I really had to say 
something about it, it would be around the lines of 'Thank you Daddy 
dearest for sponsoring the absurd high price you had to pay for these 
tickets, but my God, was it ever so much worth it'. 

Just imagine: rising up from the ground while hearing 'Fly me to the 
moon' by Sinatra in your headphones, other muzak that is oddly 
appropriate reaching your ears afterwards and then, when the helicopter 
is turning towards the Grand Canyon and you're about to get your first 
real good look of that canyon, you hear 'Also sprach Zarathustra'. I 
almost cried tears from the sheer beauty of the combination. I loved it 
and probably was grinning like a stupid fool during the entirety of the 

After the visit to the canyon by chopper, we visited the canyon on foot. 
Well, we didn't descend because quite honestly, we'd have been walking 
for almost an entire day and would have had to sleep in the canyon. 
We're just not the Happy Camper Family, so a nice walk around the rim of 
the canyon was good enough for us. Only it suddenly started raining. A 
lot. Apparently, it's the monsoon season here right now, which means 
showers of rain in the (early) afternoon without all too much warning. 
We agreed that the rain was just a bit too much (granted, I didn't mind 
all that much since I was already rather wet because of a small mishap 
with a water fountain which I will not be getting into on this blog) and 
went to the hotel for some deserved margharitas. Only to realise that we 
needed to add rhum to the margharita mix we had bought in the food market,
 which we did not have. So it was just margharita mix, which wasn't too 
bad (so I've been told, as I didn't drink the stuff). 

After the margharita attempt, the parents and I went for a second walk 
around the rim, leaving the sisters and brother behind to do whatever 
they felt like (as long as they understood that there were some 
boundaries). We were hopeful that after the earlier showers, we would be 
able to walk the entirety of the rim now, or at least as much as we 
wanted to. Unfortunately, by the time the bus brought us to the 
beginning of our walk (Hermit's Rest, for those of you who are perhaps 
interested), the clouds were turning dark again and flashes of lightning 
could be seen. The wind showed up, thunder could be heard and lo and 
behold, our favoured walk turned once again into a very brisk walk while 
trying to break as much speed records as possible to reach the bus stop 
as soon as possible. Mum's umbrella almost flew away, we didn't get as 
wet as before but felt like sardines in the bus when more and more 
people tried to get on and we were very glad when we finally arrived at 
the car again. At least we can say we tried, I suppose :) 

Tomorrow we leave for the final leg of our Grand American Tour, which 
brings us to Los Angeles. Ah, what stories I might be able to tell, what 
film stars we will run into and what wonderful misunderstandings will we 
get into there... Stay tuned!

PS: sorry for the strange lay-out, but internet and Word were acting 
weird so the copy-pasting went a bit wrong.

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