American road trip 2011 D11Grand Canyon LA

Just a quick explanation: in the summer of 2011, my parents decided to take all six of us (four children between 22 and 16 and two parents) on a roadtrip through -mostly- the West Coast of the USA. This was written as a diary at the time, so keep in mind that this was written by a 22-year-old who was blogging to keep family and friends updated on our whereabouts. Enjoy! – Camille

Well, we arrived. Let’s hear a big ‘woohoow’ for our arriving alive in LA!

After a very early morning (we left around 7h20, though it could have been worse: the original plan was to leave at 7 on the dot but some of us refused to wake up) and a very long drive (let’s hear it for the folks, they drove for a bit more than eight hours!), we arrived in Los Angeles: City of Angels, Hollywood (though, my God, those letters are really small and barely noticeable from the highway) and City of the Amazing Hotel, Restaurant and Staff. But first: the trip!

It all started with (after barely two hours of driving) breakfast. Where to go, where to go… Food to be found in the Big K-Mart? Nope. There was a small café, but it wasn’t open yet. Tough luck. How about Taco Bell? What do you mean, no breakfast items? Alrighty then, McDonalds it is. After three smoothies, two coffees, a portion of hot cakes (for those not in the know: pancakes) and two McEggMuffins (or something similar: hamburgers without the beef but with egg, bacon and cheese) we continued onwards. We made a quick toilet stop (at a McDonalds, where else? But it was a very cool one with a strange design: several smaller containers to sit in which gave it a bit of a high school look and a Ronald McDonald bench to meet us) and visited a ghost town for about 15 minutes. Don’t worry, ghosts don’t exist (as far as I know); when you see ‘ghost town’ in America, especially somewhere around the West Coast, they’re talking about the mining towns they erected when all the goldseeking business was booming. When the boom turned to a poof and stopped giving off sparks, the inhabitants left the mining towns and the towns were empty and ghostlike. Therefore: ghost towns. Mystery solved!

After the ghost town it was more or less a non-stop drive to LA, though we did stop for lunch at a Taco Bell (what can I say? We were curious). I’m sure burritos and tacos are wonderful food (as a matter of fact, I remember burritos fondly from Leuven), but burritos from Taco Bell are… well, weird. And not very appetizing. And give a small ‘what the hell did we just eat?’-feeling, which is not all that much appreciated when you get that feeling while eating. Anyway, we parted ways quickly and devoured some bananas in the car during the drive. Everyone happy.

And then we arrived in LA. Our GPS celebrated by going nuts (seriously, strange things happened), we looked for the Hollywood sign, Dad drove backwards on one of the most highly populated avenues in LA (which freaked us out, just a little) and we found the hotel. Apparently, the people in LA are much more friendly than the people in Grand Canyon. Come to that, almost all the people we met on our trip so far were more friendly than the Grand Canyonists.

Tomorrow: Universal Studios, Walk of Fame, Gettys museum (very possible spelled wrong, but I have at this moment no clue as to the proper spelling so I’ll make up for that tomorrow) and UCLA. Gooooooooo California!


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