American road trip 2011 D2 San Francisco

Just a quick explanation: in the summer of 2011, my parents decided to take all six of us (four children between 22 and 16 and two parents) on a roadtrip through -mostly- the West Coast of the USA. This was written as a diary at the time, so keep in mind that this was written by a 22-year-old who was blogging to keep family and friends updated on our whereabouts. Enjoy! – Camille

Hi everyone!

I’m just a tad more awake today, so the blog should be a bit more interesting/readable than last night’s 🙂

Today, we started the day off with a huge breakfast at one of the most famous bakeries in SF (shame on me, I forgot what it’s called. Anyway, it can be found on Fisherman’s Wharf next to Pier 41). To walk off some of the calories we dumped on our unsuspecting bodies (scrambled eggs, bacon, chocolat milk, baked potatoes… ) we took a walk through SF en groupe.

We started off with Tourist Trap Number 1: Pier 39. You want kitsch/funny hats/candy/strawberries as big as a baby’s fist? Find it on Pier 39! We had a lot of laughs at T-shirts, aforementioned hats and other tourists, watched the sealions and admired Alcatraz from afar (more information on that by Wednesday, hopefully). And yes, everyone laughed at the fact that I’m afraid of birds (not much fun if you see pigeons and gulls everywhere, because, well… SF is right next to the sea), so sue them. A lot. Make them stop laughing. 

After TTN1, we went to TTN2 and worked on our condition. A lot. We went to see Coit Tower, this big tower (duhuh) you can see from all over town. The thing is, to get there you need to climb up a couple of stairs. Just a couple, not too much. Or so they said (evil parents). The view was pretty much worth it in the end and the story of Girl Coit (I forgot her first name, shame on me again, but she was apparently very fixated on firemen and became some kind of mascot for the firemen in SF) was pretty cool.

After Coit Tower, we loitered all over Chinatown, made a quick stop in the Hilton (rumour had it there was a very special statue there, but apparently we had the wrong hotel), caught the special tram/cabeltrain and got a lot of respect for the driver. Really. Those things are at least 50 years old and require a lot of skill (I watched him. I wouldn’t be able to do it if you gave me a crash course that lasted for a week. Honestly).

Now, this might not sound like a lot, but believe me when I say that we poor souls were very thirsty after all this. We therefore drank a Coke, grabbed something to eat, discussed the plans for tomorrow (shopping!) and went back to the hotel to rest. In the afternoon we took the scenic route (I refuse to say/write/type scenic drive. It’s ridiculous) to the Golden Gate, watched a lot of fog making its way up the bridge and the island, took note of funny names for boats and ate more than we ever could. And still there was more food to be eaten. We surrendered (I must admit that I surrendered most of all. I don’t have a huge stomach, but I did my best. The crab Louis was nice, but too much.), we drove back home (we’re not going to mention a small mishap which almost made us cross the Golden Gate again) and arrived at the hotel safely. Yay us!

The plans for tomorrow include the shopping plans, possibly a museum or two (Submarine! Disney!) and… That’s it for now. Huh. We do seem a bit lazy. Good on us.


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