American road trip 2011 D3 San Francisco

Just a quick explanation: in the summer of 2011, my parents decided to take all six of us (four children between 22 and 16 and two parents) on a roadtrip through -mostly- the West Coast of the USA. This was written as a diary at the time, so keep in mind that this was written by a 22-year-old who was blogging to keep family and friends updated on our whereabouts. Enjoy! – Camille

Day three and we’ve all pretty much adapted to our new rhythm. Hurray!

Today was pretty OK, though we had horrible weather: it almost didn’t stop raining. Luckily, the parents had checked the weather channel beforehand and had made sure that we did all the walking and sightseeing we needed yesterday. So what was left? Shopping!

Shopping in America is… strange, I suppose. All the salesmen and -women are incredibly helpful, almost irritatingly so actually. You can’t walk into a shop without someone asking you if they can help you. If you’re looking for something specific, then yeah, sure. But if you’re just browsing… But we stayed polite. Mostly 😉

The wins of our shopping spree? For me personally: a new shirt and -gasp- new jeans! Levi’s has got a new fan: me. They’ve got this body-ID-thingy, which accounted for 3 different body types and the perfect jeans for those body types. I was a bit sceptical (I’ve always had trouble with finding good-fitting trousers), but it worked. I’m vertically challenged (a.k.a. I’m a shorty), which means my trouser legs are always too long. Not so at Levi’s (OK, they’ve invented and used the system in other shops as well, I admit)! Gaping trousers in the small of my back? That just means I need the Bold Curve-model (and doesn’t that just sound wonderful?). Basically, it all amounts to the same thing: I’ve got a fabulous pair of jeans and I Love Them.

My personal ‘failure’ today was eating at the Cheesecake Factory. Finding Macy’s? Check! Convincing my wonderful parents that yes, I really really REALLY wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory and they’d just love it? Check! Finding the way into the Cheesecake Factory? Check! Getting into the Cheesecake Factory? Hold on… The first time we entered, we were told there was a 45-minutes wait. Alrighty. We were hungry, so we just went somewhere else. After all, it was 1PM. In the evening, we couldn’t find our way to our restaurant, so figured “why not try the Cheesecake Factory again?”. A couple of minutes later, far too many blocks away and a parking-despairing father later we arrived at Macy’s. Only to be told that there now was a one-hour wait. Never mind. We went to Burger King’s instead. But never despair, I will get into the Cheesecake Factory one day and eat there…

Other than that, we walked, tried to visit several houses/streets/Twin Peaks-views, but the weather, mist and agenda were getting too much in the way of having a nice walk, view and visit so we just figured “Let’s go home’. Which is where I am right now. Tomorrow: Alcatraz, Lombard Street and the continuing road trip to Yosemite. Yeeha!


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