American road trip 2011 D8 Las Vegas Bryce Canyon

Just a quick explanation: in the summer of 2011, my parents decided to take all six of us (four children between 22 and 16 and two parents) on a roadtrip through -mostly- the West Coast of the USA. This was written as a diary at the time, so keep in mind that this was written by a 22-year-old who was blogging to keep family and friends updated on our whereabouts. Enjoy! – Camille

After a good night’s sleep, we were on the road again to Bryce Canyon. Now, I can’t say all that much about the trip because I was asleep for most of it (I know, I know, I slept really well in Vegas but I was just getting in the sleep-groove! Besides, I love sleeping in the car), but I can say that out of the blue we suddenly had a heavy fall of rain while taking a car break and buying some lunch. Very weird.

Anyway, on to Bryce Canyon. After having seen and walked through Death Valley and Yosemite, Bryce Canyon seems to be very small and just a bit ‘First National Park for Tourists’-like. It’s a beautiful place, with wonderful and breathtaking views and very well-kept paths throughout the park. You can see lots of hoodoos (small tower-like natural effects that stand out in the park, seemingly carved out of rock by the weather), there are lots of different colours everywhere and the trails are deceptively easy. We took a very small walk in the park (which is about 5 minutes away by car from our hotel), but it seems very interesting so hopefully that will stay the same tomorrow 🙂

After the walk (and a quick visit to the Laundromat, hooray) we went and grabbed something to eat at ‘Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill’. Now, first of all, Ebenezer refers to Ebenezer Bryce, a mormon who apparently ‘discovered’ the park. Secondly, the ‘something to eat’ was OK, but nothing special. Thirdly, it was dinner and a show. We were entertained by some cowboy ‘howdy’ musicians who had really good voices and sang us lots of country songs. I liked it and had a good time, though I can’t really say the same about all of my family members. Some liked it better than others, but it was fun while it lasted.

Hmm, it seems we haven’t done a lot today. Oh well, after walking around Vegas all day yesterday, a day with not a lot seems appropriate!

Tomorrow, it’s the Fourth of July and we’ll be in the Grand Canyon. I think I’ll have more to write about then 😉 May the trails keep you safe (as they say in these parts)!


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