New York City 2011: Day 2: New York

From the 27th til the 31st of October 2011, I went on a NYC-trip with my parents for my 21st birthday. OK, so we went when I had already turned 22, but it’s the thought that counts. A short city trip, my second time there, with my parents also having my brother there (we split the trip, as he turned 21 this year and was in NYC for the second half of the week). Enjoy! – Camille

This morning, I asked myself “What’s better than waking up in New York?”. The answer: waking up in New York while noticing the beautiful blue sky you can see between the skyscrapers. Hurray!

After a hearty breakfast, we left for an entire day of New York-exploring. And noticed that, while we still saw the gorgeous sky, it was cold. As in: my mother bought a new pullover to keep warm(er). This was rather necessary as we hopped on and off buses all day long and those sight-seeing buses have these great second levels so as to help tourists see more. Little sidenote: sitting on the top level of the bus is cold. Very cold. At one moment, our guide called us the polarbear-club.

But it’s a wonderful way to get to know NYC. We hopped off at Columbia University and I got my first real hint that the universe wants me to study there: dead across the main entrance of the campus, there’s this small diner called… Camille’s. See? Meant to be. Again, small sidenote: the Teacher’s College seems great, but is located in some rather old buildings. And is one big maze (literally). Can’t wait to find my way around there!

After our University-visit, we hopped on again and finished the red line tour. We lunched at Planet Hollywood, where we saw (among many others) the outfits of the Von Trapps and of Elpheba. Don’t know who Elpheba is? Check out Wicked, one of Broadway’s most loved musicals! After the lunch, we went shopping on Times Square and kept on walking towards the High Line. The High Line (for those of you who just went ‘huh?’) is actually an old railway in the air that the grand city of NY has rebuilt as a walkway. That’s right: you can just walk on top of NY. It’s green, it’s (mostly) quiet and calm and generally exudes a wonderful feeling of zen. A big thank you to those who told us to go there (with the implied “you’ll regret it otherwise”): it was fantastic.

We crossed through Greenwich Village, skipped through Soho, hopped on a bus in Little Italy and made our way through East Village, Chinatown, the Bronx, the Financial district and midtown (definitely not in that order). I love NY.

Anyway, we’re off to look for a restaurant. Apparently, on 9th between 44th and 54th, that’s where all the native New Yorkers go and have their dinner. Let’s go and be New Yorkers 😉


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