New York City 2011: Day 3: New York

From the 27th til the 31st of October 2011, I went on a NYC-trip with my parents for my 21st birthday. OK, so we went when I had already turned 22, but it’s the thought that counts. A short city trip, my second time there, with my parents also having my brother there (we split the trip, as he turned 21 this year and was in NYC for the second half of the week). Enjoy! – Camille

We’ve had lots of rain, we’ve had sun, we’ve had wind and cold. And now, on our third day, we’ve had… Snow. I’m not kidding you. That’s right. Apparently it’s around 20 degrees Celsius in Belgium right now, with lots of sun, and we’re sitting pretty with lots of white fluffy bits (and unfortunately, it ain’t marshmallows). But: it’s starting to feel like Christmas, so I’m rather happy, all in all.

Now, the whole “I’m happy”-thing might have something to do with the fact that… I did it. I did It. I. Did. It. That’s right, I went and saw a Broadway show. Hurray! *Picture me skipping through the room like a happy grinning lunatic* It wasn’t Wicked, it wasn’t Anything Goes, it wasn’t Mary Poppins, it was Sister Act and it was fabulous from start to finish! It rocked, it swung like a discoball, it glittered like all hell was let loose and my God, was it ever so contagious. Raise your voice and rejoice in the sisterhood! Let us put the ‘sis’ back in Genesis! Etc. I loved it.

Apart from skipping because of snow and being ludicrously happy because I did It, what did we do? We went to the Metropolitan Museum and were dazed. They rebuilt an Egyptian temple, a Spanish patio and an American house during the Art Deco-rage and God knows what more. It was fun! And warm and dry. We liked that part a lot. After the Met, we (okay, I admit, I) wanted to go to the Museum of Natural History. It’s right across Central Park from the Met and would only take a 10 minutes’ walk, no biggy. I had forgotten about the weather.

Picture this: a fairytale-like environment with happy snowelves showering the grass with snow, gorgeous trees and lots of slushy snow, made so by hundreds of people trying to escape the weather. Picture again this environment, with a couple of people ploinked in the middle, huddling under an umbrella, walking underneath the trees and the cover they provide from the snow.  And then: a crackling noise. Snow falls down, you can hear a branch cracking. It was a minefield. Branches were dropping left and right, endangering our precious heads and everything they contain. It was spooky and definitely not a lot of fun. Just to let you know how much not-a-lot-of-fun: they closed off the park after we got out. 

Suffice to say that our day was very eventful, but very much worth it. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that we’ve seen the last snow and rain for the next couple of days, because it takes the fun away a bit if you have to keep walking under umbrellas and avoid said umbrellas from other people. Though it does improve your reaction speed.

Night, y’all, and don’t let the bedbugs bite! Raise your voice!


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