Boston – NYC 2013: Day 1: Boston

In March 2013, a good friend of ours was finishing off his doctorate at MIT in Boston. Obviously, we had to go and visit him, steal him away from his work as much as possible and have a grand old time in the USA. I was the lone female in a group of four to five ‘adult’ (the word calls for more mature candidates, I’m sure) men. – Camille

Snow! And lots of it! Which means it’s cold, here in Boston. Which it is, but you can’t have it all, right?

Boston is a bit Europe-meets-America, in a funny way. Very English at times, but also very American when it comes to Starbucks (around every corner, though very cheap) and the people (very friendly and interested in every single thing you say or do) and food (huge amounts. I need child-sized protions and even then I’m full).

We got a guided tour of MIT today, had an amazing brunch before (jetlag = lots of sleep = not breakfast-time) and wandered through lots of bookstores before, during and after. I’m seriously considering buying an e-reader. It just might save me from drowning in books (though come on, what a glorious way to go!).

We even went to ice-hockey! Which was lots of fun and a very cool and friendly public. The Belgian football fans could learn a lot from the American ice hockey fans. Really. Let’s go Bruins! (note: more than a year and a half after the actual fact, my boyfriend and I still sing this chant every time he’s wearing his Bruins’ pajamas.)

Tomorrow: Freedom Trail and possibly Harvard. Yay!


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