Boston – NYC 2013: Day 10: NY

In March 2013, a good friend of ours was finishing off his doctorate at MIT in Boston. Obviously, we had to go and visit him, steal him away from his work as much as possible and have a grand old time in the USA. I was the lone female in a group of four to five ‘adult’ (the word calls for more mature candidates, I’m sure) men. – Camille

A plane with -again- a private screen! Yay! Thank you Delta Airlines! And am I glad I bought me some new earbuds in Boston, because it all sounded way better this flight than it did the flight before. Cool.

I wrestled my suitcase to the ground and finally got it to give in (that took a lot of persuading though. Stubborn thing), after which the boys and I went on a last walk through NYC together. We went past Ground Zero and St. Peter’s, had a quick goggle at the Freedom Towers (huuuuuuuge), followed some scenic routes on our way to the ferry and took a group picture with the Statue of Liberty in the background. That about made us big-ass tourists. And we don’t care, hah!

I left them all in an Irish pub (St Patrick’s Day and all), got back to the apartment and found my suitcase. The wrestling continued on the metro lines (up and down, down and up, why is that suitcase so heavy?!?), but I got at JFK without too much trouble. So long NY, see ya…


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