Boston – NYC 2013: Day 2: Boston

In March 2013, a good friend of ours was finishing off his doctorate at MIT in Boston. Obviously, we had to go and visit him, steal him away from his work as much as possible and have a grand old time in the USA. I was the lone female in a group of four to five ‘adult’ (the word calls for more mature candidates, I’m sure) men. – Camille

Yet more snow: it just doesn’t stop. But it makes us feel very Christmassy, which in turn gets us in a good mood (but am I glad I bought those waterproof walking shoes in December. They’re worth every penny). No freedom trail today (because of, well, snow), but a visit to Harvard and the Co-op! I’ve decided to buy an e-reader on this trip to America, so I’ve been comparing prices everywhere. We’ll see how it ends.

Breakfast in America is great: by the time lunch hour arrives, I’m still digesting my breakfast. I think that’s how it’s supposed to be, right? All Americans are supremely helpful, by the way. Really nice to see and experience. Other than walking around on Harvard campus (very Harry Potter-ish, by the way. MIT is special, but rather futuristic next to the warm feeling of those older Harvard buildings), we got lost in the Harvard gift shops (yes, plural) and spent lots of time warming ourselves to coffee (the boys) and hot chocolate (me). And planning the next couple of days, of course.

Tomorrow we’re off to the White Mountains on a little road trip. Yay! 

PS: Ice hockey was a game between Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leaves. Just in case I ever forget. It was cool.


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