Boston – NYC 2013: Day 5: Boston

In March 2013, a good friend of ours was finishing off his doctorate at MIT in Boston. Obviously, we had to go and visit him, steal him away from his work as much as possible and have a grand old time in the USA. I was the lone female in a group of four to five ‘adult’ (the word calls for more mature candidates, I’m sure) men. – Camille

(FYI: Day 4 was spent skiing in the White Mountains, where everyone had lots of fun and my boyfriend managed to burn himself to the level of redness that normally screams ‘lobster’.)

The Freedom Trail was well worth the wait, but what a walk! My feet were weeping by the end of the day, but now we can honestly say we’ve seen quite a bit of Boston. We ended (more or less) at the USS Constitution, where I gracefully enjoyed the facilities and the quite quaint (I sound very British right now, right?) little museum. Unfortunately, the museum was almost closed off by the time we arrived, so we whirled through. It looked quite fun though, so who knows? Myabe next time we’ll have more time to spend there. Let’s hope so!

We also explored Little Italy, with great food and even better waiters (gotta love the Italian accent). All in all, today was rather spectacular (as was the weather!).

Personal Pet Pieve: I saw a Nora Roberts book outside, on a window sill. Horrible washed out and rained out. Who does that to a book? Any book? But especially a NR book? Sometimes I don’t get this world we live in… And I just met the first unfriendly Bostonian. Let’s hope it was the last one.




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