Boston – NYC 2013: Day 8: NY

In March 2013, a good friend of ours was finishing off his doctorate at MIT in Boston. Obviously, we had to go and visit him, steal him away from his work as much as possible and have a grand old time in the USA. I was the lone female in a group of four to five ‘adult’ (the word calls for more mature candidates, I’m sure) men. – Camille

That’s all I ask of you… *sigh* I just love that music. Don’t really know how I feel about the story (I almost cried at the end. And yearned for a closer seat – what did he look like?), but I absolutely love the music. Can’t beat it. And if you can’t beat it, you join it, right? Little Lottie…

That’s not all we did today, though. We went Metropolitan Museum shopping (before we went to the Met itself. I know, strange, but hey. We saw the store yesterday evening at the Rockefeller Center, got distracted by the huge Lego-store directly opposite it and by the time we got out and dragged The Boyfriend with us, the Met-store had already closed off. Sniffles) and followed it up with some Metropolitan Museum-visiting. Still very nice to see, walk through and dream about. Oh, and let’s not forget our trip to the Apple Store beforehand. Where we left with not one, but two iPads. Really.



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