Tuscany 2013: day 4: San Gimignano – Colle Val D’Elsa – Monteriggioni – Sovicille – San Gimignano

Disclaimer: in 2013, my boyfriend and I went to Tuscany for a week, where we wanted to explore the landscape by means of a Vespa. We were given four day trips (no GPS involved, just regular drawn instructions, which meant I gave the directions and the boyfriend drove the Vespa), all of which started in the centre of San Gimignano, where we stayed at a hotel nearby.

Today was a longer trip (around 85 kilometres, give or take) with lots of stops inbetween, some wanted, some less. Let me point out firstly that I was the navigator on all the Vespa trips. Secondly, let me point out that it was not always my fault if we got lost. On this trip, we got lost a couple of times, due to the not-correct info in our navigation set. Tss.

Colle Val D’Elsa was a bit disappointing. Very sleepy city, not a lot to admire and wander through. Lots of exercise to be had, due to it being located on a hill top and lots of highs and lows to be hit. After this city, we got lost (a lot), but managed to arrive at the destination of this trip: Monteriggioni. The Boyfriend had been talking and talking and talking about it for ages, as it is profoundly mentioned in Assassin’s Creed. It is a very cute city with beautiful towers and streets and gorgeous views. The Boyfriend was extraordinarily thrilled by being able to walk across it and took a multitude of pictures. Happy us!

Sovicille should have been a highpoint as well, according to our guide, but we were pretty unimpressed. The city was very sleepy (well, we did arrive around two-ish, which can be seen as the siesta-hour in the southern countries) and not a lot of what we were told to expect was visible. Tunnels? Nope, sorry. Things from WW2? Nah, not to be seen. Very cute though!

Dinner was had in San Gimignano, on the central square. Nice setting, delicious lasagna. More please!


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