Tuscany 2013: day 5: San Gimignano – Montespertoli – San Gimignano

Disclaimer: in 2013, my boyfriend and I went to Tuscany for a week, where we wanted to explore the landscape by means of a Vespa. We were given four day trips (no GPS involved, just regular drawn instructions, which meant I gave the directions and the boyfriend drove the Vespa), all of which started in the centre of San Gimignano, where we stayed at a hotel nearby.

Not a lot to be seen on today’s tour, though a lot to be tasted! Wine tastings with lunch in the above mentioned Montespertoli, a small mishap with the Vespa (whoopsie – though not my fault, luckily) and lovely dinner. Yesterday, dinner was actually on one of the panoramic view points, not in the centre of the city. Whoops. And it was delicious! If you ever go to San Gimignano, reserve a table on the terrace of Dulcis infundo and thank me later. It’s gorgeous food and an even better view.


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