Tuscany 2013: day 6: San Gimignano – Castellina in Chianti – Greve – Badia a Passignano – San Gimignano

Disclaimer: in 2013, my boyfriend and I went to Tuscany for a week, where we wanted to explore the landscape by means of a Vespa. We were given four day trips (no GPS involved, just regular drawn instructions, which meant I gave the directions and the boyfriend drove the Vespa), all of which started in the centre of San Gimignano, where we stayed at a hotel nearby.

The longest tour of them all and a place from heaven for lunch. Hurray!

Today was the Chianti tour: possibilities to go and sip wine, but as we’d already done that, we thought we might as well check out the villages themselves. Castellina was okay, with an Etruscan tomb or tumulus which was pretty well kept. It’s astonishing to think of people, hundreds and thousands of years ago, creating these tombs for their dead. Nice work, I suppose. A bit macabre.

Greve was another cute village, of which there are dozens if not hundreds in Tuscany. The roads are long and winded, but always offer up breathtaking views and wonderful memories for later. I don’t remember any specifics, just an overall feeling of awe for Mother Nature. She does excellent work.

And then… We had lunch. In a restaurant with the best view ever, just before the very sleepy town of Badia a Passignano. Gorgeous tastes, views to die for. Not much else to be said, really. Go there and eat. You’ll thank me a lot. (note: we still tell people regularly about this restaurant, along with the one from San Gimignano. These are excellent signs of great restaurants.)

And then our last tour was over. We’ve had a wonderful time, with perfect moments and some less imperfect moments. We wil be back, Tuscany, just you wait. And that Vespa? Excellent choice for travelling around here. We will be back for that as well.


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