Las Vegas 2014


Our car, a lovely, white Ford Focus, rented from Budget Car brought us from LA (Seal beach actually) to Las Vegas.   Once again, no GPS needed, just plan your trip via google maps and keep an eye on the road.
Fun fact: The first casino you’ll see, is next to the Nevada state  line board.


Our number one travel tip for Las Vegas is: change hotels as often as you can.  Plan your trip to Vegas beforehand.  Accommodation is rather cheap in Vegas, and when planning in time you might find super deals.  We’ve slept there in suites for almost nothing, well when you do not count the resort fees.
Number two tip is, do not touch the minibar.

We stayed in the famous Aria, where you have to control everything in the room with a remote control system. Very handy for technological smart people as Sabrina, not so handy for people who only have to walk by a xerox to break it, like me.  The room provides bath robes, which we almost stolen but sadly didn’t.

We moved to the Hard Rock Hotel Tower, which has a nice pool and is home to the Rehab Pool Party. Since we love the HRC we had to stay there, twice.  It’s an off strip hotel, so away from all the madness. The room was fabulous, the vibe was wonderful, the staff was nice. The sad thing is that our love for and the awesomeness of the hotel can’t make up for the fact that their WIFI sucks. First of all the included internet is for one device only and it is bound to the room. And to be real fair, the connection in any HRC is better (pasword is hardrock in any HRC)

We then moved to Mandalay bay, which was our favourite. It’s in one word beautiful. It’s also at the end of The Strip to rather calm as well.  The hotel has a nice beach pool, which we didn’t visit because they also have a 21+ pool.  So no kids and a lot nicer to be. (Don’t get us wrong, we love kids.)

We then stayed in the Downtown Grand Hotel.  A new hotel in Downtown Las Vegas.  It was well centred in the aria and was a nice hotel with rooftop pool.

Things to do 

Well just visit the strip and see where it leads you, walk in and out the hotels and let Vegas get in your veins.
The Bellagio Fountains are wonderful and no show is the same.  From sun down a new show starts about every 15 minutes.    Every hotel has a shop floor, let’s say the cheaper the hotel the cheaper the stores… We did stumble on a Louboutin store with a great sale.

You should also book a Sundance Helicopter flight, they aren’t cheap, but they’re are awesome. We flew over the Grand Canyon and The Strip.  It was awe-inspiring.

We also visited down-town Las Vegas, this is the old Vegas.  A must see part of town! they also have a cute artist/pop-up store container mall.


Food and drinks aren’t cheap in Las Vegas, unless you want to eat burgers.   All hotels have a broad choice of restaurants. But no favourite for us, since most food in the US is great.


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