Los Angeles 2014

We (Sabrina and Glenda) flew from Schiphol Amsterdam to LAX airport Los Angeles. Despite the delay, it was a nice flight.
We did not go for Brussels airport because it was a transfer flight.
Sabrina rented a car from budget car so they picked us up at the airport with their shuttle bus.
Driving from Budget to the hotel was quite easy, due to google maps direction and the well placed road signs. No GPS-system needed, if you plan your trip before hand.


We stayed at the Hotel Solaire, located at 7th street. It is a nice hotel in the Latino neighbourhood, close to the financial district and close to a metro, going up to hollywood.

Things to do

Walt Disney concert hall

In about a 20 minutes walk you’ll be in the financial district, home the Walt Disney concert hall, which offers a free audio tour and a magnificent view over the city. The building itself has a beautiful garden and amazing architecture. It’s a must see.
Down the street of the Walt Disney Concert hall you find the

The Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels

This is an enormous modern cathedral, amazing from steeple to mausoleum. It was finished in 2002 and is a Roman Catholic cathedral.
It also serves great and cheap food in its garden restaurant.
Up the street and past the Walt Disney Concert Hall, you find the MUCA, which sounds amazing, but was unfortunately closed when we were there.

Central Library
Basically a huge beautiful library.

In Hollywood (take a metro or bus) you find the LACMA home to modern art, including Picasso, Mondriaan, …
The in house restaurants serve good food.

Even though it acctually not that amazing as you me believe, you must walk over the Walk of Fame. Some people like Walt Disney have more than one star, it’s funny to notice.
Also it’s home to the Hard Rock Cafe, and we love our Hard Rock Cafe!  We were a bit disappointed about Hollywood, it is something you have to see. Just don’t plan too much time there.
Unless you want to visit Universal Studio’s and so on, which doesn’t interest us, however we’re not saying it wouldn’t be interesting.

The Getty 

The most amazing museum you will ever visit in your life will be The Getty.  It’s on a mountaintop, as good as free (you only pay parking) and it’s architecture is awe-inspiring.  The building and garden itself are amazing, you might actually forget they have an amazing art collection inside.  If you go there, take the free architectural tours. Our tour guide was Hope, she was amazing. According to Hope, none of the tours are the same since every guide focusses on what he/she likes.
Since you will be spending an entire day there, know the food there is also very tasty. Especially the vegetarian burger.


LA has a nice vibe going on, loads of friendly people, the occasional nutjob warning you for vampires and in Hollywood you might find yourself sitting at a bar with Superman.


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