Anetlope Canyon, Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park 2014

Antelope Canyon 

Antelope Canyon in page is famous for it’s beautiful cave.   This canyon finds itself in Indian land, which makes it even more awesome.   Book your tour in any hotel in Page, you will have your own Navajo Tour Guide, that will tour you around the cave and help you make the best pictures ever.  They are also happy to inform you about their heritage and what they to to preserve the beauty of their land.
You cannot visit these on your own, you always have to book a tour.

Also on your way back, have a quick stop at the Horse Shoe bent in Page, this is where the Colorado River turns and carves out a horse shoe form.  Also the Colorado is blue here and not red.

Sequoia National Park

This national park contains Sequoia National Forest, with the huge Sequoia trees and Redwood trees.  Book one of the lodges inside the park, it’s rather expensive but worth it.  Waking up in the Forest is awe-inspiring, also it will safe you time because the nearest village is a 45 minute drive.
Also an overnight stay is the best way to spot a bear, which we didn’t, but they’re there.
You can drive through the forest, enjoy one of the hiking trails, or cycle around.  When you go hiking, please inform yourself with a ranger and use hiking maps.

Sequoia has a lot of natural forest fires, for your own safety it is better to be informed about this. Forest fires are necessary for the reproduction of Sequoia trees, therefore very common.
During you walks you will find yourself in the company of squirrels, deers and an occasional bear, keep a safe distance and never ever ever feed them.  Also make sure you ask a ranger about how to handle yourself in these encounters.

Yosemite National Park

As Sequoia is up hill, Yosemite is a Valley.   Yosemite contains light hiking tours, heavy hiking tours, cycling paths, a golf course and pleasant creeks to swim. Before doing any of this, inform yourself with a ranger.
Since California is going through a drought Yosemite has been a victim to forest fires.

Yosemite is home to raccoons, deers, squirrels and bears.  It is more likely to encounter a bear in Yosemite than it is in Sequoia.  Also book one of the lodges in the park and try to enjoy a sunset or a sunrise.

Also when going by car, which is advised, be aware that speeding kills bears!


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