Maldives Kuredu Island 2014

My friend M. and I (Glenda) had the luck to enjoy a free trip to the Maldives.   We’ve spend a week on Kuredu Island in the Indian Ocean.
Who says no to blue seas and pearl white beaches.


We departed from Brussels National Airport to Abu Dhabi, where we had to transfer to Male airport.
This is a total of an 10 hour flight, with then transfer time added about 13 hours.
From Male we were taken to our water plane which brough us to our Island.
Some Islands have water planes, others have boats or helicopters.


We stayed in one of the water villa’s, which are amazing.  We had a lovely chamber men, and an all inclusive minibar deal. The Island has a Spa, swimming pools, bars, and restaurants.
Buffet restaurants are in the all inclusive as are most drinks at the bar.   Excursions, diving lessons, snorkelling lessons, windsurfing or sailing lessons are to be paid.
Fish swim in shallow water, and the ocean in transparent.
The staf is always there to help you and will give hints and ideas on what to do with your time spend there.

– The Resort focusses itself on honeymoons or romance, so better to do this with your lover.
-Do some excursions because the island becomes rather boring.
– Go diving, snorkelling, or watch some fish.
– Make loads of pictures because every one will be jealous.
– Use plenty of sunscreen, because the sun burns, even Snow White leaves the Island with a tan.
– just relax….




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