Vienna 2014: day 1

Disclaimer: I went to Vienna together with my boyfriend and his twin sister. We lucked out with amazing weather, while the weather in Belgium was atrocious (huge hail storms, anyone?). We’re more the walk-around-and-eat-great-food type, so this was a relaxing holiday and a get-to-know-Vienna trip (both my sister-in-law’s and mine first time in Vienna!). We rented an apartment through AirBNB. 

A bit late, but better late than never! Our first day in Vienna (thanks to mum for getting us to the airport in time!) and already it was a huge success: our apartment was situated on the Opernring, with the Staatsoper a two-minute walk, just like the Hofburg and the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Not bad, not bad. Also not bad: heaps of sun and no clouds to be seen anywhere.

The first day is usually the day of impressions, which we had no problems with. We just walked around, a tad aimlessly, enjoying the sun, watching everything, snapping tons of pictures. Yay! Let me just say that I love Vienna. I could wander around with just a single end post in mind and enjoy all the gorgeous buildings I’d meet along the way. I would love to live there and sneak off to one of the many parks to enjoy the sunshine on beautiful days like we had there. So, like I said: a first day with many impressions. We ended up having dinner very near to the Stephansplatz, in a rather tourist-y restaurant where they put the plates in front of our noses about two minutes after us having ordered. That kind of place. But it was plenty, it was good food, we could rest our feet. No harm, no foul. And let me say: if you’re ever near there and in need of a toilet? Go to the public restrooms there. They’re gorgeous. I even took pictures, that’s how wonderful they were. And clean, my God.


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