Vienna 2014: day 3

Disclaimer: I went to Vienna together with my boyfriend and his twin sister beginning of June 2014. We lucked out with amazing weather, while the weather in Belgium was atrocious (huge hail storms, anyone?). We’re more the walk-around-and-eat-great-food type, so this was a relaxing holiday and a get-to-know-Vienna trip (both my sister-in-law’s and mine first time in Vienna!). We rented an apartment through AirBNB.

Day three started off with a guided tour in the Staatsoper and no breakfast. *sad face* We had brunch, though. Where we ate too much food, as well. So we had breakfast and lunch, which might explain why I wasn’t very hungry in the evening. Oh well. The Staatsoper is (as are pretty much all buildings in Vienna) a magnificent building, in this case with a pretty gruesome history. The architects of the building got such bad reviews about their finished work, that the first one decided to commit suicide and the other died of a heart attack a couple of months later. The public opinion afterwards was unanimous: they loved it and thought it the best building ever. Something The Boyfriend also enjoyed: the special room for Franz Joseph from Habsburg, as the entire room was filled with his initials, which happily coincide with The Boyfriend’s: FJH.

After the Staatsoper (and brunch) we went for a couple of hours of Hofburg-fun: the halls with all the plates, gold and silver furnishings and God knows what else, the Sisi-museum (the woman had an absolutely tiny waist; can’t have been healthy), the imperial apartments, the Prunkzaal (basically one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever seen) and the imperial jewellery were all checked out and much discussed. As we’d spent way too much time inside, we went looking for parks, especially the Stadspark, where there were statues of many composers to be found. We only found Strauss’s, which was enough for me, as I only wanted to lay down in the grass and take a nap. As that unfortunately wasn’t an option (slight grumble), we had a quick sit-down on one of the seating areas and had a milkshake as a reward. Not bad.

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant with a great view, had a drink at Le Méridien where my cousin works, went for an evening walk through some of Vienna’s prettiest sights and decided enough was enough: time to get some sleep.


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