Vienna 2014: day 4

Disclaimer: I went to Vienna together with my boyfriend and his twin sister beginning of June 2014. We lucked out with amazing weather, while the weather in Belgium was atrocious (huge hail storms, anyone?). We’re more the walk-around-and-eat-great-food type, so this was a relaxing holiday and a get-to-know-Vienna trip (both my sister-in-law’s and mine first time in Vienna!). We rented an apartment through AirBNB.

Day four started off with a bang: Schloss Schönbrunn! A quick subway ride and a breakfast later and we were waiting to enter the huge building. There where we figured the imperial apartments at the Hofburg weren’t ‘wow’, the Viennese imperial family more than made up for it with Schönbrunn: the splendour was dazzling, which I suppose was the target. Funny, isn’t it, to learn more about people who lived centuries before we did and still hold so much interest for us?

As the temperature kept rising steadily (that day, we’d reach 34 degrees), we searched refuge at the Gloriette and afterwards at the Schönbrunn Zoo. Did you know there’s a Franz Joseph Land which is where you can spot lots of penguins? The Boyfriend was more than thrilled. He’s cute when he gets all happily excited, FYI. We spent most of the day at Schönbrunn and finished our final day in Vienna with a meal at the Palmenhaus. If you ever get the chance, go and have dinner there. You have to be lucky, as getting a table there is a matter of seconds before someone else spots it, but it’s more than worth it. We had our final ice cream at café Landtmann, where the ice cream was completely fresh and the lemonade was mmmmmm. Can’t not say we weren’t sad to have our final evening in Vienna.


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