Vienna 2014: day 5

Disclaimer: I went to Vienna together with my boyfriend and his twin sister beginning of June 2014. We lucked out with amazing weather, while the weather in Belgium was atrocious (huge hail storms, anyone?). We’re more the walk-around-and-eat-great-food type, so this was a relaxing holiday and a get-to-know-Vienna trip (both my sister-in-law’s and mine first time in Vienna!). We rented an apartment through AirBNB.

After a breakfast at Haas & Haas, we climbed the southern tower of Stephansdom where we had a beautiful view of the entire city. Nice overview, made even better by the fact we recognized lots of things that we’d visited ourselves. After a final shopping trip (we’d been good: only two shop moments, really) we went for some Sachertorte at -where else?- Hotel Sacher. It was nice, but not the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten. That honour goes to the chocolate cake in Leuven (Koffie Onan, Parijsstraat).

And then… We left Vienna. We took the subway to the airport, got on the plane and arrived back in Belgium. And it just doesn’t really feel the same. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Antwerp and living here, but Vienna has a piece of my heart. One day…



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