Brussels Belgium

As we stated, we’re Belgian, so it is starting to get a bit weird that we haven’t mentioned a Belgian city what so ever.
The first city I’m going to describe is Brussels.  I’m not particularly in love with Brussels, but I do prefer Brussels over Antwerp.  Then, the only good thing about Antwerp is the fact that Camille lives there, she however loves Antwerp, so she’ll be writing about Antwerp soon.

Any way Brussels… It’s our capital and therefore home to our Royal Family and political scenery.
So if you go to Brussels, pass ‘wetstraat’ and go and visit the Royal Palace, it’s not as attractive as let’s say Buckingham Palace, but it does look nice. (pictures can be found in Brussels in pictures, don’t mind the flags hanging low, one of our queens has recently died.)

Across the Royal Palace you have a nice Park; Warandepark, it’s rather big and nice to walk in.
Next to the Royal Palace you have the Bellevue museum which houses our national history, and the Coudenbergmuseum. The latter lets you walk through the ruins of the old Royal Palace, I’ve just visited it and was surprised.
Close to the Royal Palace you have the Margritte museum, The Museum of Royal art and history and the musical instruments museum. The latter is also based in one of the most beautiful buildings in Brussels. All mentioned museums have a special booklet or tour for children. Brussels in general is very child friendly, I mostly visit Brussels with kids.
Brussels is home to a lot more museums than what I’ve mentioned, you can find them all over Brussels.

If you walk toward the Main square ‘Grote Markt/Grand Place’ you’ll come across beautiful buildings, art galleries, cute stores and squares where you can grab a bite.
Near the ‘Grote Markt’ we have a street filled with chocolate stores, where you can taste a few brands. The neighbourhood also houses the Museum of chocolate. From the Grand place you are a 5 min walk away from our national symbol ‘Manneken Pis’, and actually very close to a star that shows you the middle of the country.
Close to the Grand Place, you have the Rue de Bouchers, a small street filled with restaurants in case you get hungry also the home to the female version of Manneken Pis, namely Janneke Pis.

Brussels also house our Comic book museum, in fact you’ll find Tintin and Smurfs all over the city. Troughout the city you’ll find murals dedicated to may of our national comic heroes, such as Tintin, Suske and Wiske (Bob et Bobette), the Smurfs, Kiekeboe, Spirou (Robbedoes), …

Shopping you do at Rue Neuve and the streets around the ‘Grasmarkt’. Those street basically house all the main stores in Brussels.
Food you can find every where because we Belgians like to eat, food regulations are quite strict in Belgium so a good meal is easy to find. I must say that food isn’t cheap in Belgium. Don’t forget to try our fries, waffles and chocolate.
Nice boroughs are the Marollen, Mantonge (African Borough) and Dansaertwijk.

In Laken you find the Atomium and expo 58 and little Europe and nice parks. On a clear day, which happens not that often, you can see the sea side and the mountain side (do not expect mountains as in Austria, they’re more like large hills.) basically the entire of Belgium.

21th of July is a day you better don’t visit Brussels, unless you like parades, loads of people and the army. July 21 is our national holiday, which is mainly celebrated in Brussels. If you like fire works, July 21 is the day to come to Belgium, all big cities, including Brussels, will perform a large firework spectacle.
The Holliday season is also a period when loads of people come to Brussels.


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