Jakarta – Bali 2013: day 4

Note: at the beginning of July 2013, I went for a holiday with my parents, brother and sister. We braved Asia for the first time, explored but did it all in -more or less- style. The age of the group varied between 48 and 17. 


Apparently, we took the rain with us from Belgium to Indonesia. Not what we expected, but as it was still warm and just very wet, we rolled with it. That’s how we roll! (*cough*)

Today was a day for walking. We walked to one of the nearest malls (well, what did you expect? Four out of six companions are female…), we swam, we sunbathed (rain didn’t arrive until later) and left for Borobudur. For those who don’t have the foggiest (we didn’t): it’s a big buddhist temple with huge green gardens. While we were making our way over there (a drive of an hour and half), the rain started dropping down. This meant less tourists (though still a lot), lots of umbrellas and hopefully less pictures taken of us. But no, our fans are die-hard: less questions, but as far as we could see still lots of pictures of us. Who knew we were so special?

Borobudur is a very nice temple, divided into ten layers (which makes me think of cake, but there you go) and inscribed with the story of Buddha in reliefs across the entirety of the layers. Not bad, not bad. The views were spectacular, even in the rain, which made us wonder what they would normally be like. Breathtaking, probably.

After Borobudur, we went to a rather small temple with a statue of Buddha almost as old as Borobudur itself (which was built somewhere around 800 AD) and a monastery situated next to it. We were told that apparently the DNA of Indonesian cats is different than that of other cats: all the tales are significantly shorter. Thank God that’s the explanation, as we feared some madman had gone around hacking off tails of innocent cats.

For the finale, we went to dinner for mum’s pre-birthday in a hotel that’s apparently rather pricey. Our guide was rather amazed we’d booked there, as he’d never been there before and we were the first tourists he met that he had to take there. The building was gorgeous (can’t remember the name of the hotel, it’s situated right across of Borobudur and should have lots of stars), the food was good and the gardens were probably spectacular as well (as it grows dark here around six-ish, we couldn’t see clearly). Happy pre-birthday, mum!

Tomorrow: riding bicycles through rice fields, a last temple and getting on the plane to Bali!


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