Jakarta – Bali 2013: day 5

Note: at the beginning of July 2013, I went for a holiday with my parents, brother and sister. We braved Asia for the first time, explored but did it all in -more or less- style. The age of the group varied between 48 and 17.

Yogyakarta – Denpasar – Ubud

This morning, we woke up in Yogya. Right now, we’re in Ubud, getting ready to sleep. I’d say the move went pretty well.
Our last morning in Yogya was lovely: we went on a five kilometre-drive with the bicycles, waved at little children who had waved at us very happily, and admired tons of small temples. We’d saved the bigger temple for last: Prambanan, the counterbalance to Borobudur. The last one a Budhist temple, commissioned by the royal couple in the early 800s, the first one a Hindu temple, commissioned by the same couple. Call them the Romeo and Juliet of their time, with lots of go-betweens as both came from different religions. I sincerely hope they lived happily ever after, as I think the temples were exquisite (though honesty compels me to say I liked Borobudur better).
After the temples and the consequent train ride, we went off to the airfield. There we said goodbye to Heri and Eko (we can already say we sorely miss them) and waited for over two hours for our plane to board. After lots of hassle and non-communication, we arrived in Denpasar, Bali. And now, here we are. The rooms are lovely, the city of Ubud seems very touristically-inclined but not totally tacky and tomorrow we just might get arrested for driving scooters that we don’t have a license for. But all is well in our little world 😉
Let’s just hope Internet gets here soon as well!


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