Jakarta – Bali 2013: day 7

Note: at the beginning of July 2013, I went for a holiday with my parents, brother and sister. We braved Asia for the first time, explored but did it all in -more or less- style. The age of the group varied between 48 and 17. 


Rafting: check! Splashing around in water is perfect when it’s warm out, and we couldn’t have picked a better day for it! The river was basically a water attraction that could easily be found in any self-respecting carnival, but in real life AND much longer. We all loved it, though some of us had their doubts before getting into the boats. The boats themselves were an adventure on their own: apparently, the air pump was down, which meant the nice Indonesian people had to blow them up themselves. Kudos!

After rafting and lunch (we were famished), a long sun pause came to be. We’d politely begged our driver to pick us up a bit later than he’d suggested (an hour or two later, in fact) and made the most of it. There was some sun worshipping around the pool, we got rid of whatever river water was still sticking on our bodies in the pool itself and went shopping (and harrassing the poor shopkeepers). Highly successful afternoon, if I do say so myself.

The afternoon break was followed by the monkey forest. It’s strange how similar those monkeys can be to us, humans. They’ve got only three thoughts: how do I get food? While eating: how can I make sure I keep all the food with me and no other monkey can take it away? After eating: Boy, that was yummy. When can I do it again? Or are these human thoughts and am I confusing the two again? Anyway, the monkeys were well-trained and highly entertaining: the photographers went wild while they did their thing and everyone was happy.

And then… It was time for the dancing. Not quite what I’d expected, I must say. We first had the tale of Rama and Sita, brought to us by four mute girls (who had amazingly bendable joints), a choir of men (varying in age between 30 and 90, at first sight) a man with a very expressive face, a monkey-in-disguise and a god. The male choir was astonishing: I can’t stop comparing them to the Ice Age creatures Sid often meets that are quite taken with him. They knew exactly what the others were doing/singing, fitted perfectly in the whole of the dance/song/recital and made me want to laugh out loud. Great fun!

After this dance/recital, we watched two other dances: one done by two young girls who weren’t allowed to open their eyes while dancing and performed quite seamlessly together nonetheless and a fire dance in which the young man (who else would they be able to find that would agree to this?) kicked with his bare feet at the fire. Not once, not twice, but thrice did he kick at it. Very strange.
We also went to dinner, in a fabulous restaurant. Go to Café Wayan when you’re in Ubud, I beg you. The food is marvelous, the atmosphere in the restauarant is amazing and the lay-out… The lay-out is heavenly. Really. Go there and find out for yourself, you won’t regret it.

Tomorrow, we leave Ubud for Lovina, go and see waterfalls and celebrate mum’s birthday (sssssssst).


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