Jakarta – Bali 2013: day 12

Note: at the beginning of July 2013, I went for a holiday with my parents, brother and sister. We braved Asia for the first time, explored but did it all in -more or less- style. The age of the group varied between 48 and 17. 

Gili Air Island

Rain, rain, GO AWAY! We’ve about had it here. Our bounty beaches and pools are just five metres away, but the rain won’t let up. Grmbl.

Today was (as mentioned before) a lazy day. Or make that A Lazy Day. We went snorkeling (or more honestly: they went snorkeling and I lounged on the boat, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful sights), had lunch and were just about getting settled on the pool chairs when all of a sudden thunder went wild and rain started falling down. Luckily no huge downpour followed, but it still kept us inside for about an hour. Now, it’s grey, overcast and still humid as hell when you try to walk outside. Irritations on all sides of the family are high, due to the previous reasons. We need sunshine, stat!

Oh well. It’s still a holiday, so I just might take a nap to adapt to the whole dolce far niente-motto here. And tonight we’ll go eating at/on the beach again. I suppose life could be worse…

Tomorrow: Jimbaran, the speedboat (again) and shopping!


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