Jakarta – Bali 2013: day 14 – 15

Note: at the beginning of July 2013, I went for a holiday with my parents, brother and sister. We braved Asia for the first time, explored but did it all in -more or less- style. The age of the group varied between 48 and 17. 

Jimbaran – Denpasar – Singapore – Amsterdam – Brussels – Antwerp

We made it home safely. Feels a bit weird to type this on my own laptop, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it quickly 😉

I’ve realised that, when making big trips like this (at least 15 hours of flying), flying business just might make sense. Those peeps have lots of space, a seat that you can almost (if not entirely) make into a bed which equals space and the possibility of pretty normal food. Next time I’m thinking about a flight this long, I’ll check out business prices. Want to bet I won’t make that journey after all? 😉

Our last day was actually pretty eventful, due to the fact that we didn’t have to be at the airport until 6.30 PM. In the morning, we visit Tanah Lot, a beautiful temple perched on cliffs facing the sea, meant to be defending Bali from the evil spirits (one of seven temples with this plight). It has a very eery, special feeling surrounding it. It’s tropic, it’s outrageously beautiful and due to its location (it’s similar to Mont Saint Michel, which is only accessible at certain moments of the day – a.k.a. the hours when the tide is still low) you can only visit the entirety when you time it right. Tourists love it and I completely understand why (after all, I’m the quintessential tourist myself).

After our spiritual experience, we went back to the mundane: Kuta, the beach and the shopping mall. Lots of stores, (again) low prices and heaps of stuff you might like to buy and then end up thinking “Hold on, I need to get all this stuff into my suitcase…”. The decision is made rather quickly then!

We failed to spot very experienced surfers, so retreated to the hotel where there was swimming to be done and last-minute massages and pedicures to be had. It was all enjoyed immensely, but the moment we had to say goodbye to our guide (Gusti) was not a dear one. We’ll be handing out many recommendations for him, as he did a fabulous job.

Now I’m home again and it’s almost as if I never left. Very strange feeling. I wonder how I’ll cope tomorrow (jetlag seems to be doing okay, but I don’t know how that’ll turn out after a decent night’s sleep – I’m dozing already).

See you on the flip side!


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