Amalfitan Coast 2014: day 1

Note: My boyfriend and I went on a weeklong trip together in September of 2014. We’d booked two nights in Naples first, followed by five more days at the coast. 


Naples! To see Naples and die, or so the proverb goes. Don’t worry, we’re still alive 😉 And well, indeed! Now, how on earth did we get here…

Ah yes, we took a plane. The flight from Brussels to Naples was quiet and uneventful and we arrived rather happily in sunny Naples, where the temperature was a wonderful 28 degrees. I could get very used to this… What I definitely cannot get used to, is the traffic. I think I died about a thousand small deaths during the cab ride from the airport to the hotel (which by the way is fabulous: Starhotel Terminus at the Garibaldi Piazza): the people here are nuts. The Boyfriend says he gets them: they use their horn to communicate and so does he, back home. I was just very displeased I’d taken the front seat, as this meant everything happened right under my nose. A thousand deaths, I tell you.

After dumping everything in the hotel room, we left for a first trip into town. Now, let me make this clear: I love Italy. I’m in love with the food, would love to learn the language and can’t get enough of the country sights. Unfortunately, my first impression of Naples wasn’t great. We went for a quick look at the duomo and strolled very leisurely through the archeological museum, which was one of our need-to-do’s. Most of the archeological finds from Pompei and Herculaneum can be found there, including the mosaic depicting Alexander the Great, heaps of statues and (insert some gniffles here) a lot of erotic depictions. The things a satyr can do with a goat… It’s ugly, to say the least.

I hate to say this, but the streets we were walking along to weren’t the best. Perhaps we just have to discover the better (a.k.a. more touristic) neighbourhoods, but right now I’m not totally convinced that going to Naples was a wonderful idea. Hmm. What I do very much approve off, is the restaurant inside the hotel. I can’t remember the last time I ate such gorgeous mozzarella or had better cherry tomatoes. I’m still drooling over them. Hmmmmmm.

Let’s hope that tomorrow, Naples will show a nicer side!


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