Amalfitan Coast 2014: day 6

Note: My boyfriend and I went on a weeklong trip together in September of 2014. We’d booked two nights in Naples first, followed by five more days at the coast. 

Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii

Yes, you read that correctly: we went back. But first, we tackled Mount Vesuvius (in group, obviously). I wasn’t a huge fan of the guide at first (a woman who could not stop talking, which was extremely unpleasant as we had to drive in dense traffic for over two hours to get to the vulcano), but towards the end of the excursion she started to grow on me. Who knew? The excursion itself was not amazingly thought-out: it consisted of them depositing us towards the top of the mountain, after which we’d climb/walk up ourselves. Now this I could take: it went slowly uphill, in such a way I could still breathe properly, thank you very much. The cratre itself was literally breathtaking: it’s not the same vulcano that rose over Pompeii and Herculaneum all those centuries ago, as a huge part was ripped off due to the previous explosions, but it was still that same mass murderer, that same source of destruction. Strange to think that such a beautiful site and sight could cause so much harm. It’s asleep, but still a tad active: we saw some smoke curling upwards, so I must again be honest and admit that I was rather pleased to be going down again. You never really know, do you?

We’d nicely begged the guide and driver to drop us off at Pompeii in the afternoon, as we almost drove past it on our way back, and they were so kind as to agree. The Boyfriend could skip around Pompeii with his own map and own guidelines, while my sole rule was not to enter each possibly interesting location. He kept to it, mostly, and another four hours was spent in Pompeii. I can safely say I’ve seen it now, but must also admit that without The Boyfriend we wouldn’t have seen the location of the mosaics depicting Alexander the Great (which we’d seen previously in the archeological museum in Naples). Good job, him!

After the Pompeii Site-seeing Tour, we took the train back to Sorrento (this is ridiculously easy, as when you’re leaving the site of Pompeii, you almost trip over the train station. The Italians know how to make it easier on their tourists!) and pressed our bus tickets into action upon arrival in Sorrento. No way was I walking back! All in all, a busy day sight-seeing.


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