Amalfitan Coast 2014: day 7

Note: My boyfriend and I went on a weeklong trip together in September of 2014. We’d booked two nights in Naples first, followed by five more days at the coast. 

We’d treated ourselves to a cruise to Capri and I lost the card from the company. I can’t believe I lost the card, because it was such an amazing day and I wanted to shout my support for them from each and every rooftop I could find. Gah. Stupid me. Unbelievable. (note: I found the card afterwards and it was YouKnow! – Boat Service, with Marcy and Pino as guides) But let me just say this: go for it. If you have the opportunity, take it with both hands and hold it tight, you will not be disappointed. We had around five hours on the island itself and that was way too little. We saw some of the sights, but are already a planning a return trip as there’s so much more to see and experience there.

Our cruise started in the port of Sorrento, where we were divided in groups of eight on these exquisite boats (soft cushions in front so you could lie down if you wanted to) and where we were treated as princes and princesses. It was a beautiful day, which I’m sure helped as well, but still: I haven’t enjoyed any other day that week as much as I did that one day on the boat. It was fun, it was calm and relaxing and I genuinely didn’t want to leave the boat afterwards. I even swam in the sea, which only goes to show how wonderful the water and the trip itself was. Our lunch was a Capri sandwich, which was some ciabatta, tomatoes, basilicum and mozzarella but tasted like summer. Back here in Belgium, I try to order them from time to time, just to make sure I don’t forget that feeling.

Capri (and Anacapri) is gorgeous. I mentioned Santorini before, but this definitely gave me the feeling of being in Greece: the white houses, the views, the Mediterranean atmosphere. I just really want to go back, does it show? The buses that took us there were small and cute, the streets were even cuter and there was this cable ride that took us towards the highest point of the island for amazing view points. We also went for a look at the blue grotto, which was incredible and cannot reasonably be captured on camera. You have to have been there, to know what it’s like. I’m never going to forget the way to enter (lying flat on the bottom of the boat with your driver/sailor on top of you), the sound once inside (three or four locals singing Italian songs and opera arias), that spectacular blue shine you see everywhere. I’m so happy we went out of our way to get there, even though it took almost two hours to get there, without getting back again.

After a quick look at Anacapri (where the blue grotto could be found), we took the bus to Capri for another quick look, as we had to get back to the boat swiftly. It was with much pain in our hearts that we had to leave the island, but I’m going to repeat myself again: we will be back. This entire coast line has captured our hearts, just like Tuscany has done before it. Italy seems to be one of our favourite holiday countries, due to its climate, the atmosphere, the views and the spectacular food.

The boat brought us back to Sorrento, where we had a last limoncello and said goodbye to that coast line a final time, as the day after would be the day we had to leave. Sniffles. So long Italy, see you soon.


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