Amalfitan Coast 2014: day 3

Note: My boyfriend and I went on a weeklong trip together in September of 2014. We’d booked two nights in Naples first, followed by five more days at the coast. 

The water, the views, the weather: I’m in love with this coast line. How come I’ve never been here before? And ice cream! Gelato! Limoncello! Pasta! That’s it, I’m staying here.

Our train trip was, while rather crowded, a grand success. After about twenty minutes we found seats, we saw glimpses of sea and southern-style towns (with once again gorgeous church towers and cupolas) and discovered that Sorrento is amazingly easy to reach by train from Naples. Only a trip of around one hour and twenty minutes, give or take a few according to Italian time measurement and a solitary train track on which the trains to and from Sorrento drive and which passes through (among others) Pompei. Why hello there! We’ll be visiting you soon 🙂

Arriving in Sorrento was like breathing fresh air (almost literally): after Naples, this is a very airy and almost sumptuous city, with cute streets, beautiful shops (which we already have explored a little and will explore in the next few days) and even more gelato. I’m telling you, I’m in love. After some searching, we found the travel agency where we left our bags for the day and afterwards went for a long stroll through the town. Even more churches, a cloistre which calls for Saint Francis (which my darling boyfriend obviously enjoyed thoroughly) and views that take your breath away. We also bought our postcards from a man who kept whatever tips he got and put it to good use, feeding stray cats and dogs in town, so no need to ask where our spare change went then 😉

After our meeting with Sorrento, we took the bus to Sant’Agata where our hotel was supposed to be. We consulted the GPS profusely and with some luck and a big thank you to my cell phone for the aforementioned GPS we managed to find the hotel and even splash into the pool. Woohoow!

The hotel (Villa Fernanda) is a bit run-down, but lacks no comfort and should keep us well. We even got some food out of it in the evening, so that’s always a plus! We also met up with Yannick, our local Jetair person, to plan our future trips in the neighbourhood. The next few days, we’ll be visiting Capri, Pompei, Herculaneum and the Vesuvius, along with Amalfi and Positano. Should be very good indeed!


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