England 2013: day 2

In Octobre of 2013, we went on a weekend with my mother’s family. This means: two grandparents (both 75), three siblings plus other halves (my parents, my uncle and his wife and my aunt, all in their forties) and 10 grandchildren plus one other half (all between het age of 24 and 7). This was in honour of my grandparents’ 75th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary.

Leeds Castle – Canterbury

If I ever live in England, I’ll go to Evensong every weekend. Without any squabbles and with heaps of joy in my heart. Just so everyone knows.

In the morning we left for Leeds Castle: a huge park with (obviously) a castle, lots of birds (joy of joys indeed), a magical maze and enough playtoys for an entire army of children. We had beautiful weather, blue skies and perfectly green views. The castle itself was surprisingly habitable, though not really gorgeous (I’ll admit I’d give my right arm for the library). Nice stories for each room, a wonderful smell emanating from the park’s bistro and some small squables later and everyone got into the cars again for lunch at home. Loaves of bread were feasted on and plans were made for the afternoon: Evensong in the cathedral of Canterbury would be followed with a lot of attention by some. The schedule became slightly different due to a late lunch, a group of 17 people that had to follow orders from God knows who and traffic. My car thankfully arrived just in time for a song and a half and the blessing, but I was sold. I want evensongs at home and beautiful choirs singing exquisite songs. And I want those now!

After Canterbury Cathedral (gorgeous building), we went shopping for about an hour, left for home and food and arrived in a very chaotic way. Family from close by (other family, not those we’d set out to be with this weekend) dropped by, drinks were handed out and dinner was being prepared during all of this. After the drinks, it was time for the actual dinner and a happy quiz afterwards, with my grandparents at the beaming centre of it all. I think they enjoyed themselves. Not 100% sure, but let’s say I’m pretty confident about the odds.

After dinner, I almost fell asleep at (and on) the table, so time for bed for me.


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