England 2013: day 3

In Octobre of 2013, we went on a weekend with my mother’s family. This means: two grandparents (both 75), three siblings plus other halves (my parents, my uncle and his wife and my aunt, all in their forties) and 10 grandchildren plus one other half (all between het age of 24 and 7). This was in honour of my grandparents’ 75th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary.

Petham – Dover – Folkestone – Antwerp

The last day of the weekend. Some happiness, a lot of sadness at this statement. A weekend is always fun, but at the end of the weekend you’re also glad to be going home again. At least, I am.

In the morning, we went for relaxed. The rain was falling steadily (and looked ready to drown us out there) and most of us stayed inside. Some fools went outside for some fresh air (I plead guilty) and walked for a while until our feet were freshly washed again.

After lunch, we left the house and cottage for good (*sniffles*) and went looking for the castle of Dover and the famous White Cliffs. The castle of Dover is huge. I estimate you’d need at least a full day to go and visit everything worth visiting. We weren’t actually inside the newest building of the castle, at all. We went to the Saxon church, the Roman firehouse, the old part of the castle and some tunnels (dating from the Napoleontic times) inside the white cliffs. And flew through everything and didn’t even get a decent look at the shops there. Such a shame. Must come back soon and visit when we have more time.

Afterwards, the cliffs were ooooed and aaaaahed over, though the rain was showing its face again and a race was started towards the cars, just to stay warm and dry. We reached the train in time, drove towards home and… That was it. That was the end of our family weekend in Kent/Petham. A bit strange.

And now, back to our daily routine.

PS: on Friday we also heard the Red Devils, Belgium’s national football team, place themselves against Croatia for the World Cup in Brazil. Brazil, lalalalalalalala, lalalalalalalala, lalalalalalalalaaaaaaaa, Braziiiiiiiiiil!


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