How to Plan a Trip

How to plan a trip in a nut shell: 

When planning a trip you have different options in how to approach it:

* First option: Low Budget and we’ll see… 

This was my favourite when I was younger, I’m quite adventurous and like to live like locals. Basically it goes as follows:

-decide on where
– find out if any one else is willing to join.
– find cheap accommodation – find cheapest transportation – pack up and leave

* Second option:  Have a friend/familymember do it Seriously, my personal favourite, S likes to plan trips, I don’t.
She doesn’t like things not going to plan, I always find a solution when being there; we’re a perfect team. When a friend planning your trip make sure she or he knows the following things:

– Where do you want to go
– What is your budget
– What things do you like to do
– any thing else that needs to be taken in consideration
– make sure you pay your friend in time, because debt cannot be an issue on holiday.
– ask for a cost spread cheat, so you have a perfect idea about the costs T

his is really awesome, she had the comfort of knowing what’s up next and you have a filled holiday and I didn’t have to do a thing!

*Third option:  Family: 

When travelling with kids, you need to plan your trip, whether you like it or not. what do you have to consider:

– budget!
– where are you going?
– what kind of transportation can they handle? Do you really want to take a baby on an aircraft or drive 800km with kids in the back seat?
– Is there any means of entertainment for the little ones? Or day care (because Mum and Dad, need us-time)? – Will there be anything available they’ll be willing to eat? (picky eaters)
– What kind of accommodation do we prefer?
– Is the destination child-friendly as a whole: No need to take your children to Las Vegas, even though the hotels have awesome pools, shows, and aquariums.  Let’s say when there is a CSI-variant on it, it’s probably not the best destination for a small child.
– health care: is health care easily accessible?

Maybe just go to a travel agency…

*Fourth option: No budget! 

When you have no budget to go on a holiday, like my brother, you have ons option:

– Go somewhere private and awesome!  Like an island.

* Fifth option; Travel agency

I have never done it like this, however my friends are travel agents and they do put a lot of work in planning your trip. They will tell you what and where, consider your budget.  Make sure you have local emergency contacts, possible guided tours, arrange your flight tickets and hotel. Also you have some one to complain to when any thing goes wrong.


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